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Beyond certification and compliance lies competitive advantage. We’ll help you get there.

Certification and compliance can sometimes feel like being scrutinised by an examiner with a checklist and a thick red pen.

You’re handed a report, given a mark and told to do better next time.

But what if, instead, you were engaged in a stimulating conversation around data-driven insights and actions that could contribute to the growth and efficiency of your business? 

PwC is familiar with these kinds of discussions - we’ve been having them with companies all over the world for more than 150 years.

And now we can help businesses with their certification and compliance needs as well.

Drawing on our expertise in business and finance, we combine best-practice process with the latest digital tools. The job of gaining certification and maintaining compliance is not only more streamlined, consistent and transparent but also leads to greater competitive advantage.

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How we help you go beyond


We work closely with you to focus on those areas of the business that are most important. While applying a risk-based approach to the planning of certification and compliance activities, we also deliver feedback and insights that will impact efficiencies and productivity in areas that go beyond the scope of our engagement.


It’s difficult to manage corrective actions across multiple locations when you receive requests and reports in different formats. Our platform and approach gives you visibility and one source of truth in a consistent format. It’s simple and quick to check on status, assign responsibilities and manage the certification and compliance process.

Digitally enabled

Our digital platform reduces both time and cost, while giving you greater transparency and control over the certification and compliance process. Using the latest data analytics and visualisation tools you can quickly drill down for further information across issues at one or more sites.

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