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Certification and Compliance Services

Build trust in your compliance function with global benchmarking standards

Demonstrating the compliance of your systems and processes around quality, safety, the environment, food safety and data security - through independent certification - is an increasingly important ingredient of consumer trust. At the same time, the performance of your compliance framework has the ability to provide powerful data-driven insights.

Expectations regarding certification of your business may come from a client, a government agency, regulator or customer group.  In today’s complex business environment, the expectations exceed just quality and safety, they require systems and processes that ensure continual improvement and operational effectiveness. Certification of those systems and processes are an important component in establishing and maintaining trust in a business, its people, products, services and business management.

When we bring together the expertise of certification specialists with our data analytics capabilities, it’s a powerful combination.  Regardless of business size, information can be collected across the business’s compliance benchmarking across sites, operations and jurisdictions, to identify problem areas and opportunities and to assist in making informed data driven decisions.

Certification and compliance – streamlined

Digital transformation has enabled certification and compliance processes to be streamlined and made it more powerful for everybody involved, particularly on multi-site applications.

Rather than being difficult, time consuming and of little strategic value, such programs can now be well-managed, risk based and data enabled drivers of stimulating conversation. PwC’s multi-site analytics tools can highlight the outliers in your compliance framework, identify trends and opportunities, and demonstrate to your customers, investors and other stakeholders your commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Our tools help to ensure a single source of truth, providing real-time dashboards with online and remote access. They allow the auditor and the client complete transparency over all communications, increasing line of sight into areas of opportunity and improvement.

Compliance is more than just box-ticking. With the right tools, it can offer competitive advantage.

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How we help you turn compliance into competitive advantage


We work closely with you to focus on the most important areas of the business. While applying a risk-based approach to the planning of compliance activities, we deliver insights to enhance efficiency and performance areas beyond your management systems.


It’s difficult to manage corrective actions across multiple locations when you receive requests and reports in different formats and from multiple sources. Our platform gives you complete visibility and one source of truth. It’s simple and quick to check status, assign responsibilities and manage the certification and compliance process.

Digitally enabled

Our digital platform reduces time and cost while giving you greater transparency and control over the certification and compliance processes. Using the latest data analytics and visualisation tools, you can quickly drill down for further information across issues at one or more sites, and help identify trends and common concerns across your business.

PwC’s certification seal

PwC’s certification seal demonstrates that your management system meets the criteria set out in the relevant ISO management systems standard. Display the seal on your certificate, website, corporate letterhead and tender documentation to strengthen your reputation and demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement.


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