Comply First Time - Vendor Management

The Comply First Time Vendor Management module is a technology solution that will automate the management of vendor-related tax obligations, whilst providing sophisticated analytics capability and robust reconciliation and testing functionality.

Employer benefits include:
  • Automatic upload and processing of data
  • Assessment of applicable employment tax obligations relevant to each contractor arrangement
  • Graphical trending, variance analysis and reconciliations
  • Simple-to-use yet powerful assessment tools for vendor-related obligations
  • Fully customisable and in-depth data analytics and exception testing
  • Detailed transaction information to enable efficient identification of errors
  • Reduces the risk of decentralised contractor procurement
  • Ongoing product and user support
  • Transfers details of taxable contractor payments to the Payroll Tax and Workers Compensation modules of Comply First Time, allowing for an efficient approach to compliance

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Automate Your Processes with People & Organisation - Comply

Three technologies from the PwC's Employment Taxes team: - CFT Vendor Management - Streamline your contractor obligations. - CFT Workers Compensation - Transform your workers compensation compliance process. - CFT Payroll Tax - Transform your payroll tax compliance. The People & Organisation technology website is a

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