Perspectives on LGBTI workplace inclusion

A 2018 pulse check

Concealing a person’s gender or sexuality is a hidden cost for LGBTI employees, the organisations they work for, and the Australian economy. For the last three years, PwC has published a Workplace Inclusion Report that provides a pulse check on LGBTI Inclusion in Australia and arms workplaces with evidence-based strategies to improve LGBTI inclusion.

In 2018, the project has grown to include data collection from five cities across Australia: Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The survey canvassed the views of ~2,500 people at the headline festivals in the national LGBTI event calendar; meaning this data generally provides the perspectives of a broad, cross-section of the LGBTI community.

This year’s report focuses on three key areas, with a consideration for tracking trends from previous years’ datasets where possible. These three areas are:

  1. Indicators of Inclusion
  2. Intersectional Analysis
  3. LGBTI Role Models

The report also provides a set of recommendations to allow organisations to drive positive change.


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