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Infographic: Sensing opportunity with the Internet of Things

Do you need to wrap up warm in the office, even though it’s sweltering outside? The Internet of Things (IoT) could change that.

With your building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning controlled via an ecosystem of smart devices, all of which can monitor conditions, ‘talk’ to each other and adjust their settings automatically, being freezing in summer and boiling in winter might be a thing of the past.

The Internet of Things and its non-consumer category, the Industrial Internet of Things, enables a level of data gathering and precision not seen before. This can be applied in a range of industries, such as healthcare, allowing individual patients to be monitored more closely, or agriculture, where drones can collect and communicate vital information around crop behaviour.

When it comes to emerging technologies, our 2017 Digital IQ Survey showed that Australian executives have been investing more in the IoT than elsewhere. They also consider it to be the most disruptive to their industry and business models, though not quite as much as their global counterparts do.

Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things brings with it a range of complexities, such as the need to address areas such as security, analytics capability and data sharing standards. Only by overcoming those potential hurdles will businesses be able to reap the many benefits of a connected world.

A small one of which will be the ability to stop needing our winter warmers inside during summer.

Infographic: Sensing opportunity with the internet of things