The Together Effect

The most important problems are better
solved together.


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PwC is the powerful multiplier of connections and innovation - it’s what we do best.
Because when technology and passionate people work in harmony, insights become impact, opportunities become outcomes and society benefits.

We call this, The Together Effect.

The Together Effect in action

Working together across sectors

Only through collaboration can we move towards ending homelessness in a generation. That’s why PwC Australia is proud to be a founding partner of The Constellation Project; a growing group of organisations working together across sectors, including Australian Red Cross, Centre for Social Impact and Mission Australia.

By combining our collective intelligence, resources, networks and power, we seek to generate practical solutions that will create more homes and better journeys for people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness.

A Social Lab designed to accelerate progress is already underway. The Lab works in 4-6 month cycles with a team of 30-40 contributors who will test and prototype ideas and importantly translate them into action along the way.

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Creating thriving cities together

As our population grows we need smart solutions to maintain quality of life in our cities. It’s why PwC has made Cities one of our national agendas. Starting with data-driven insights, we’re bringing business, government and community together to create thriving cities which provide opportunities, places and services for all citizens to live, to work and to play.

Creating those opportunities starts – and continues – with the many strategic, planning and policy decisions we make in relation to our cities. For our citizens, those decisions create very real outcomes – things like how affordable housing is and how accessible jobs, schools and hospitals are. So we worked together to create an insights tool to map how we currently ‘live’, ‘work’ and ‘play’ across Australia’s major cities: PwC’s CityPulse.

CityPulse draws on 32 data sets, with findings output at postcode level allowing us to make comparisons within the city - so we can tell the untold stories of our cities. Those valuable findings have driven over 100 challenging conversations with government, businesses and the community across five capital cities to spark collaborative problem-solving.

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Building trust together

Australia’s food system has grown and evolved over hundreds of years. It's a system that’s served Australians well and underpinned much of our economic prosperity. But it’s a system at risk. And nowhere is the threat larger or more real than in the domain of food fraud.

This is at a time when Australia should be laying the foundations for a food economy that can achieve even higher value through the growing Asian middle class consumer. We want to help Australian food producers deliver on and capture the value of its promise by giving them mechanism to track their brands from paddock to plate.

PwC Australia is working together with global expert TruTag Technologies to create what we believe is the most advanced anti-counterfeit technology solution: the Food Trust Platform. A fully integrated and trusted exports platform, it compiles authentic data from across the commodity supply chain to track and trace food products from paddock to plate. The platform integrates with a logistics solution and anti-counterfeit food labelling and packaging technology to be an end-to-end solution. An Australian first, our food producers will now have a way to prove to consumers their products are genuine at point of sale and society can regain trust in the food we are giving to our families.

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