Hubs enable a different way of thinking about, designing and doing work within your organisation.

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Hubs enable a different way of thinking about, designing and doing work. They are The Difference inside your organisation. In purpose-built environments created at your location we embed The Difference’s design methodology with a flexible facilitation team. This allows you to accelerate collaboration between individuals, teams and the information that drives decisions by involving more people across your organisation than a one-off design session or traditional ways of getting work done.

How it works

We work with you to understand the objective, context, content and audience for your hub, bringing all the elements together in a pipeline of interventions to deliver with your hub team in your purpose-built hub space. By designing the interventions in the pipeline with key sponsors for the specific needs of the project/program or organisation at that time, hubs maximise efficiency and effectiveness for your people.

What it delivers

By providing the capability and capacity to solve challenges in a collaborative way, a hub space and team can flex to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Hubs broadly allow organisations to align around shared goals, explore and co-create client focused solutions and define and deliver integrated programs. By being a physical space, we can create a visual identity and symbol of change for critical project/programs, integrate technology, digital and social media and ensure your customer is at the centre of your solutions. The exposure a hub offers over time can create cultural change within your organisation to promote rapid decision making, collaborative and iterative working and more creative, effective ways of problem-solving.

When to use it

When your complex challenge requires problem solving over an extended period of time and inclusion and involvement of large numbers of stakeholder participants, a hub could be your most effective solution.

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