Education & Engagement

“The design process ensured we truly collaborated and innovated and as a result got a much better and stronger outcome for our people.”

Tell me, and I’ll listen. Show me, and I’ll understand. Involve me, and I’ll learn.

Taking a truly different approach to education and learning, we design immersive experiences that take people on a journey. We understand that the more people can explore and experience content, the better they will understand and engage in outcomes.

Our approach focuses on providing ownership of change and permanently shifting mindsets.

How it works

Working with you to understand the educational requirements of your organisation and/or the information you need your people to understand, engage with and
align around, we design an end-to-end experience. Typical elements might include self-directed learning, access to wider industry/market knowledge, external learning, sharing individual perspectives, gamification and facilitated workshops.

What it delivers

 A powerful, knowledge-rich experience, different to traditional classroom-based learning, delivered in a collaborative, innovative and fresh way. This is not instructor-led training, however it is carefully designed, executed and delivered, leveraging The Difference’s unique methodology around exploration-led learning.

When to use it

  • When you are rolling out a new system or process
  • Undergoing culture change
  • Need hundreds or thousands of people to understand and engage with the same information and be on the same page

Contact us

Jo Death
The Difference Melbourne
Tel: +61 3 8603 2000

Ruby Pavone
The Difference Sydney
Tel: +61 2 8266 1669

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