Directed Design Sessions

“There is no better way to understand the process and what’s possible than experiencing it.”

Directed Design Sessions are sessions utilising our MG Taylor methodology but focused on a specific outcome before the scoping process begins. They include:

Bid Forums

The Difference’s sales support offering can help teams win more major deals by using effective bid preparation processes.

Bid Forums aim to improve the quality of a proposal, bringing together members of a bid team and accelerating them through the scoping, planning and preparation of bid submissions.

Together, we help to break through the complexity of major deals and align a multi-disciplinary team around a solution which works. Mobilisation of a new bid team in this way is fast and effective, allowing the team to accelerate the creation cycle time and reduce subsequent review and sign-off periods.

How it works

Bid Forums can be run with internal staff only, or in collaboration with client participants. Working with clients is an effective way of engaging them using a different way of working, enabling co-creation of the final solution and demonstrating a willingness to invest in developing strong client relationships.

What it delivers

  • Increased win rates on bids
  • Reduced business development time
  • Engaged clients from the beginning

Discovery Days

Discovery Sessions are facilitated work sessions focused on identifying and defining a challenging issue or new opportunity.

How it works

The session is held in our purpose-built environment and uses our proven process for exploration and engagement. Involving between five and twelve people, events usually last between three and five hours.

The ideal profile for a participant is someone leading the initiative(s) who can speak to the complexity of the issues and has ownership of the project. The Discovery Session will be facilitated by The Difference and a small highly skilled support team who create a real-time deliverable which includes text and visual documentation of the session.

What it delivers

Team alignment around the scoping and articulation of an issue or opportunity can be accelerated in a Discovery Session without oversimplifying underlying issues or diverse points of view. Discovery Sessions apply the process, methodology and environment used during Design Forums, so they are a good opportunity for participants to experience them first hand.

When to use it

Discovery Sessions help to progress issues such as:

  • How can we succeed in an area where we have consistently failed?
  • How do other organisations manage vital challenges such as what we are facing, and what ideas can we use?
  • What are the ways in which we can make our new operating model work effectively?
  • How can we align as a group of decision makers on the value, scope and approach for our project?

Insight Days

Generating insight and awareness to create new understanding, opportunities and applications. The objective of an Insight Day is to provide an opportunity for organisations to gain insight into a specific topic or industry, and for participants to consciously apply the insight to their own situation or organisation. 

How it works

Insight Days are facilitated one-day sessions with between fifteen and eighty stakeholders held in our purpose-built environment. A tailored version of our Design Forum process is used during Insight Days, adjusted to meet the specific needs of each client. This condensed process is designed to provide participants with opportunities to gain insight into the range of perspectives in the room, learn about relevant market trends, innovations or thought leadership and combine and synthesize ideas to generate new insights.

What it delivers

The sessions are an ideal way to explore how new information impacts your business by gaining insight and then applying it to your own situation or organisation. Participants strengthen their relationship by working collaboratively, deepening their understanding of one another and building shared insights. Insight Days enable participants to experience The Difference way of working.

When to use it

When you want to build knowledge, share perspectives or generate new insights into a specific challenge, topic or industry and apply those learnings to your own situation or organisation.

Insight Days are typically not designed to finalise a solution to a complex problem – Design Forums or Design Sessions are more appropriate for complex problem solving.

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