Design Sessions & Design Forums

“We achieved months worth of work in just a few days.”

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Fast-track resolution of complex issues by bringing the right people together with the right information in a thought-provoking environment, focused on specific outcomes.

How to work

The Design Forum approach is based on the MG Taylor methodology, which has evolved over the last 40 years. This methodology guides participants through complex problems solved over two-to three-day work sessions, designed in response to your objectives. You’ll experience a concentrated creative process that creates real enthusiasm and drives alignment, decision-making and commitment to solutions.

A Design Session is a one-day session that helps a group of people work collaboratively on issues that are not as complex as those requiring a full two-to three-day Design Forum. This format is ideal to generate alignment around a single objective. It incorporates some elements from Design Forums, tailored to each client via a four-to eight-week preparation process. It is often used to help teams gain understanding, input and alignment around business issues.

Design Forums and Design Sessions are powerful events built on comprehensive planning and preparation to design solutions to your strategic, operational or systemic problems.

What it delivers

Our clients have told us that Design Forums deliver between three and six months of work in just two to three days. During a Design Forum or Design Session, your people are empowered to develop solutions quickly and with singular focus. Compared with traditional approaches to problem solving, we generate increased ownership of solutions and alignment across diverse stakeholder groups. This is proven to result in more successful implementation of outcomes and change programs.

When to use it - Design Forum

The types of issues and opportunities that lend themselves to Design Forums:

  • Have large scale change implications
  • May be politically sensitive
  • Are future-based
  • Have a high degree of complexity (including being conceptually complex)
  • Involve multiple stakeholders and are required to fulfil diverse needs without compromising or disenfranchising key parties
  • Are mission critical and require an acceleration to future state conditions to capture value for your organisation

When to use it - Design Session

When you face a less complex challenge that involves multiple stakeholders and requires alignment around a single key objective, a Design Session may be more appropriate.

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