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PwC's The Difference – Creative Comms

Wherever you want change, success depends on your ability to communicate in a way that engages hearts, as well as minds.

Creative Comms delivers complex, critical information in simple, engaging ways. We work with leading and emerging public and private organisations to create more memorable experiences that stimulate conversation and shift behaviour and sentiment.


"This isn’t just great design – you have completely re-framed my way of thinking about the opportunity.”

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Different thinking for better results

Creative Comms

Whether you're trying to engage 10 executives or 20,000 employees, we believe effective communications require a strategic, aesthetic and scientific approach. 

Where Creative Comms can add value

Our team of strategists, creative directors, animators, writers and designers shape bespoke, multi-faceted campaigns and toolkits to:

  • Engage diverse audiences in complex transformation
  • Help executives buy into a big idea
  • Build a culture of innovation
  • Make vision, values and strategy clear and meaningful to everyone
  • Turn an office relocation into a new way of working
  • Make critical topics engaging and memorable
  • Reimagine learning and development
  • Launch a new initiative, customer focus or brand
  • Turn event content into an experience
  • Turn a program into an experience zone.

Find out more

Whether you want to integrate Creative Comms into a current PwC engagement, see examples of our work or discuss a specific challenge, contact:

Our Latest Insights

Comms Lab is a thought leadership series offering best practice tips on delivering complex, critical information in simple, engaging ways. Download our white papers on The Power of Visual Communication and The Chemistry of Communication.



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Partner, The Difference, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 434 182 933

Sonia Clarke

Director, The Difference, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 411 679 496

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