Get pay right.

PaidRight is a pioneering software platform that makes complicated payroll matters seamless. It also provides clear and accurate insights into the impact of multiple Enterprise Agreements, breaks down barriers and complexities to deliver a single view of your workforce and optimises your payment systems in the process.


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How PaidRight Works

  1. Understanding complexity
    Every pay system is different, so to begin we work with you to determine the pay system problems you want to solve.
  2. Show, don't tell
    Using your enterprise agreements, awards and sample pay data we use PaidRight to dive into these problems your business is facing. We show you the power and granularity of PaidRight with your own real pay data.
  3. Paint a clearer picture
    PaidRight can continue to analyse more of your data, drilling into individual employee details to determine precisely where your issues are arising and show you how to take action solve them.

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