Supporting governments and communities to deliver better citizen-centric outcomes

Fiscal pressures, changing citizen priorities and demographic shifts are increasingly placing pressure on the sustainability of tradition public service delivery models. Increasingly, this is forcing Governments to be clear on the outcomes they are seeking to support, and consider the role played by themselves, the non-government organisations, communities and citizens in achieving these outcomes. 



Our Contestability team works with both the public and private sectors to help understand how contestability can be applied to the delivery of better outcomes. We work across a variety of sectors, including:


  • human services
  • health care
  • justice
  • transport
  • social infrastructure (hospitals, schools, prisons and courts).

We advise across all stages of the contestability life cycle which can include:

  • defining citizen outcomes
  • co-designing outcomes and service models
  • developing commissioning strategies
  • developing contestability frameworks and reviewing service models
  • understanding providers and market dynamics
  • designing and managing procurement processes
  • designing new contracting structures to support partnerships between government and the non-government sector
  • supporting service transfers from government to the non-government sector
  • monitoring and evaluating services and contracting arrangements
  • commercial, financial and strategic advice



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