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We need to talk about the future of mining

A report that brings together insights and perspectives on the disruptive forces that could transform the mining sector

Is mining really ready for the future?

Many mining companies have a deeply ingrained, conventional view of their sector and the environment in which they operate. But while it’s served them in the past, it’s less likely to work in the future.

  • How will robotics change the way we mine?
  • How will digital enablement or blockchain technology reduce costs, influence mining processes, and enhance product specialisation and end-customer service?
  • How will social media impact the sourcing and consumption of minerals?

So what can mining executives do today to prepare for such an uncertain tomorrow and ensure their business will be thriving 5, 10 or 20 years down the track?

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Four future scenarios to help think through the future today

Four future scenarios to help think through the future today

We’ve come up with four scenarios that give an insight into the types of challenges and opportunities miners (and today’s non-miners) might need to deal with, and how they might respond. And, we look at strategies required and the shift in mindset needed to make those strategies work.

Use these scenarios to think about where you want to be in the future, and compare it to where you are today to consider what that means for your medium to long range strategy.

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