Imagine the “unimaginable”

New risks and their potential impacts on the Australian economy

We live in interesting times. Rapidly evolving technologies, tectonic geopolitical shifts and dynamic global markets are entirely reshaping the world’s economic stage. In this new and changing environment, businesses and governments must be as adaptive as ever to both take advantage of the opportunities presented and protect against the downside risks.

For Australia, we see several key risks on the horizon:

  • The failure of the Australian government to respond to US corporate tax reform 
  • Deterioration of Australia’s relations with China
  • Economy-wide damage caused by major cyber attack

Not so long ago, many of these risks would have been considered ‘unimaginable’. Now, they are very distinct possibilities.

To help business leaders and policymakers better understand and respond to these risks in context, PwC has assessed the potential impact on jobs and economic growth if the ‘possible’ turns into fact.

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