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May 2020 edition

Featured article

COVID-19 - Facts and Questions

JobKeeper, raising capital, ASIC reporting deadline extensions, reporting deadlines under deeds of cross guarantee... we answer your burning questions around these topics on our new COVID-19 financial reporting hub.

Financial Reporting Update Webcast

Need a quick update on what you need to know for reporting season? Check out our on-demand webcast for the financial reporting impacts of COVID-19, the current regulatory environment and what we've learned from leasing implementation.

Value Accounts Investment Funds 2020

Our illustrative publication presents the sample annual financial reports of a fictitious investment fund, highlighting disclosure requirements and providing sample disclosures.

IFRS Talks about... COVID-19 and hedging

What are the impacts of COVID-19 on hedge accounting? Are your cash flow hedges still highly probable and do your hedges still meet the hedge effectiveness test? Our global expert takes you through the complexities.

Top 5 COVID-19 accounting issues for Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

The COVID-19 pandemic has developed rapidly in 2020. Measures taken to contain the virus have affected economic activity in the pharmaceutical sector, which in turn has implications for financial reporting.

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