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November 2019 edition

Featured article

Practical guide - Amendments to IFRS 9, IAS 39 and IFRS 7 for IBOR reform

Looking to understand how the IASB's hedge accounting reliefs for IBOR reform will work in practice? Our In Depth publication takes you through the detail.

Hot topics - Negative interest rates

Struggling to navigate the slippery slope of negative interest rates? Our global experts talk you through the accounting implications in their latest video.

In the Spotlight - Understanding expected credit losses

How do expected credit losses differ and what metrics should you focus on when understanding your company's provisions? Find out in our Banking Spotlight publication.

Cash flows: can stakeholders tell where your money is going?

Does your cash flow statement tell stakeholders what they need to know to evaluate your company’s performance? Learn why it matters in this publication from our US team.

IFRS news - November 2019

This edition covers the latest on proposed amendments to the new insurance standard, the IFRS IC decision on presentation of uncertain tax liabilities and a hyper-inflation status update for Zimbabwe.

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