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June 2018 edition

Feature article

New standards - some of the challenges of implementation

We explore some of the challenges companies are facing as they implement the new revenue, leases and financial instruments standards.

Corporate Australia's journey to implement major accounting changes

On the back of the December 2017 reporting season, we revisited the ASX 100 to see what progress Australia's largest companies have made in implementing the new revenue, leases and financial instruments standards.

Change to presentation of interest revenue for certain financial instruments

A recent IFRS Interpretations Committee decision will mean a change to current practice for some entities. We delve into the detail.

IFRS 15 solutions for the retail and consumer industry

Our global experts consider the practical implications of IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers by applying the guidance and arriving at solutions for typical scenarios encountered in the industry.

Leases - Banking & Capital Markets industry supplement

This In depth supplement highlights areas that could create the most significant challenges for companies in the Banking & Capital Markets sector as they transition to the new leases standard.

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