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Welcome to the latest edition of Grow, PwC's Private Clients team publication which brings together the recent news, ideas and opportunities for entrepreneurs, private and family businesses.

You'll notice we've updated the look and feel to include some feedback boxes. We'd love to hear from you to understand what articles are interesting, useful and what you would like more or less of. This will help to inform our content moving forward to ensure it's as valuable and insightful as possible.

If you would like to discuss any of the articles or get more information on how PwC's Private Clients services could help you and your business, please contact your regular PwC's Private Clients team advisor, or contact us directly.

Snapshot of articles in this edition:

News flash:

PwC's Private Clients is excited to announce the launch of PwC's Next.

Get fit. Get funded. Get big. Get out....What's next?

Tips on how to maximise a businesses value, how to prepare for an exit event, and implications of post-exit to your life.

When your business partner is no longer your life partner

Entrepreneurs Jodie and Michael Fox share their story on how they managed to still run a successful business after they separated

Three ways to get the ATO and bank backing your property development

As the property boom falters, family offices dabbling in development can expect to talk to the Australian Tax Office almost as much as their financiers. Tips on how to navigate your property development smoothly.

Why structured giving is now a family favourite

Options for philanthropic ventures. When the $3.3 billion estate of healthcare entrepreneur Paul Ramsay was placed into a private ancillary fund (PAF) after his death in 2014, it almost doubled overnight the amount held in these philanthropic vehicles.

New financial reporting requirements for private businesses

In December last year, Federal Parliament passed tax legislation which will create significant new disclosure requirements for many privately owned companies and other entities that are not currently subject to financial reporting requirements.

Creating a roadmap for exit readiness

A summary from a guest panel event that focused on how to maximise shareholder value during exit as there is currently a record number of private businesses having recently been sold or listed on the ASX.

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