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Cities of Opportunity 7

The findings in the 7th edition of “Cities of Opportunity” which analyses 30 global cities and their performance, seeks to add to public debate on the policies and actions that make cities function best. The report assesses ten main urban indicators balanced across social and economic traits. 

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Fighting fraud in the public sector IV

Fighting fraud in the public sector IV summarises survey results relating to the incidence of fraud and corruption in the public sector globally, as well as in the wider Australian economy. PwC’s analysis includes observations on detection, fraud risk assessment and cybercrime exposure, as well as insights from various Australian state anti-corruption agencies...

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A positive conversation: Performance management in the Public Sector

This report presents findings relating to Public Sector performance management, and shares insights into people's experiences and perceptions of the way in which performance management conversations are conducted in their organisation.

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Government and the Global CEO

PwC's 19th Annual Global CEO Survey comprises interviews with CEOs and public sector leaders covering delivering better for less, redefining purpose and restoring public finances, actively owning and managing state-backed organisations, building the foundations for growth, and measuring and communicating success in new ways. 

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Safety in program design - 2015

The Australian Report of the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program found that the deaths of four young men working on the program could have been avoided had the program been properly devised, designed and implemented.…

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18th Government and the Global CEO - 2015

Government and public sector leaders across the world are still facing the challenge of balancing between an internal focus on efficiency and effectiveness and an external focus on helping business to create the wealth and jobs that societies need to prosper…

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Fighting Fraud Public Sector III - 2015

The significant financial loss caused by fraud in the public sector continues to plague internal audit and risk teams…

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Sustainable Productivity - 2014

The 2014 benchmarking study of Commonwealth and State Government corporate services provides insights and trends from a broad range of government entities of different size…

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Agile Defence: Sustainable Cost Reduction on the Path to Greater Agility - 2014

Agile Defence addresses the vital questions facing military organisations around the world - how to remain agile in force posture while maintaining the necessary levels of support within a tightening fiscal environment…

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Cities of Opportunity 6 - 2014

The sixth edition of Cities of opportunity continues an investigation that began in 2007 in an effort to help the world's great cities understand what policies and approaches work best for people and economies in a rapidly urbanising world.

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Improving public sector productivity through prioritisation, measurement & alignment - 2013

Government productivity often gets overlooked in the national productivity debate. Productivity discussions and analyses have traditionally focussed on the 'market sectors' where goods and services are traded and more easily valued in monetary terms.

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