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Five trends for Australian telecoms in 2019

At PwC, we care about realising Always On Australia The five trends draw on our long-term perspective for “Always On Australia”, a digitally-connected society which keeps this nation competitive, attracts global capital and talent, and keeps the Aussie way of life enriched, connected and current. As Australia’s telcos seek to go agile, partner, interact nimbly across the value chain and break out of traditional industry boundaries, we see this as critical to building new value as the core fixed and mobile businesses commoditise.

We also see threats and complexity that telcos must be alert to, the need for new jobs and skills for the future, and the need for farsighted sector policy and regulation to encourage investment, competition and innovation and guarantee Aussies keep access to the quality and secure services they deserve. We look forward to discussing these and other trends with you further.

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