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Global Defence Perspectives

Mapping Prioritisation and Posture in a Challenging World

The security challenges confronting national defence organisations are both complex and dynamic. Nations around the globe now face a myriad of threats that vary greatly in both scope and scale. 

PwC's approach for developing these global defence perspectives looks at recent defence spending trends and the major investment, institutional, structural and strategic priorities and challenges impacting these nations.

As global challenges increase, Australia’s defence budget is growing, while the US and most other allies have been decreasing their defence resources.  

Coalition countries are looking to be more efficient with their defence budgets in the future while continuing to play an effective role in providing global security.  This includes the adoption of technological advances and improved sustainment approaches, adopting practices from the commercial world.

A new global map: Replacing geography with 'prioritisation and posture'

Using the insights and unique perspective of PwC’s Global Government Defence Network (GGDN), the report measures and plots 60 nations against two dimensions: how they prioritise defence spending, and how they position or ‘posture’ themselves in the global security environment.  

The six segments in the map outline distinct profiles, reflecting the respective levels of defence prioritisation and security posture.

PwC analysts conclude there are a number of lessons to be learned when looking at the defence map:

  • Asymmetric threats and cyber ‘insecurity’ gains prominence
  • Expect movement
  • Global players under severe pressure
  • Cost-cutting dominates strategy
  • A focus on institutional and national capacity
  • Collaboration in Procurement

Global Defence Perspectives

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