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100% of Australia’s CEO surveyed are making changes to how they use technology to assess and deliver on wider stakeholder expectations

73% of CEOs believe a skilled, educated and adaptable workforce is most important to society today, and that after Tax, should be government’s second priority

53% of CEOs plan to enter into a new strategic alliance or joint venture

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How are you adopting new technology and innovating to deliver on the needs of customers? Do you have a change capable organisation - one that is able to drive transformation?

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Technology is unanimously the number one item that CEOs will be looking to in order to help them change, adapt and meet the complex demands and requirements of a broadening group of stakeholders. It’s therefore surprising that when it comes to investing and understanding the value that R&D and innovation can bring, Australia’s CEOs see little return here, which is in contrast to their global peers.

More than half of the CEOs globally said that in terms of engagement with customers and stakeholders, R&D and innovation generated the greatest return, but less than a quarter in Australia felt the same. The winners in the innovation game will be those that use both technology and innovation to deliver products and services that are cost effective, convenient, functional and sustainable.

Companies also need to make sure they have the right capabilities to respond to change. This includes a workforce that is adept to changing; leaders have to foster a culture that is open to and geared towards innovation and growth.

"Technology is the greatest enabler of change. When I first started, our mantra was 'performing while transforming', and actually that's just the norm now."

Nicole Sheffield, CEO, NewsLifeMedia

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