Capital projects & infrastructure (CP&I) perspectives on the 19th Annual Global CEO Survey

With 53% of global CEOs citing inadequate physical infrastructure as one of their top three concerns, there is clearly a worldwide need for infrastructure development and capital projects. Strategic growth opportunities do exist and 53% of Infrastructure CEOs believe there are more growth opportunities for their company today than there were three years ago.

Infrastructure CEOs are considering new markets and sectors for growth. They indicated some of the top markets that they consider most important for the growth prospects of their companies, with China and the U.S. in the lead, followed by Germany.

Fifty-four percent of CP&I CEOs plan to enter new strategic alliances and joint ventures in the next 12 months, surpassing their global peers (51%). In addition to working closely with governments—a critical relationship in the Infrastructure industry—they will also collaborate with customers, suppliers, competitors and more.

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