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The objective for payroll has always been simple – pay your employees accurately and on time. Payroll has historically been seen as a low risk function, generally automated (or outsourced) – one which rarely troubles the higher levels of management, as long as it is running smoothly. To that extent, you probably haven’t given it a great deal of management time or attention.

This means many organisations are not accessing the true value of payroll. Technological advancements, the power of data analytics and changing employee demographics provide the opportunity for organisations to take a critical look at their payroll function and identify where there are potential improvements, leading to cost savings, increased efficiencies and improved employee engagement.

Organisations should seize and address the opportunities and challenges facing payroll. Technology now provides an opportunity for payroll functions to evolve and become valued business partners. At the same time, they still need to manage the financial and reputational risks of processing payroll late or incorrectly, or of failing to adhere to evolving data privacy and protection regulations.


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How can we help?

PwC’s Payroll Consulting Practice advises employers on how to increase efficiencies, ensure accuracy and manage the risks inherent in their payroll functions. 

We can help you to:

  • ensure you’re calculating your payroll correctly according to relevant Awards or Enterprise Agreement
  • optimise the effectiveness of your payroll people, processes and systems
  • integrate or implement a new payroll system
  • remediate any payroll errors and ensure robust controls and processes are in place.

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The PwC and APA alliance

Our Payroll Consulting practice enjoys a dynamic alliance with Australian Payroll Association (APA).

In addition to APA bringing more than 20 years’ experience in the Australian payroll industry, our alliance allows our Payroll Consulting practice to access APA’s strong vendor relationships and the APA annual Payroll Benchmarking Report, giving us the ability to benchmark an organisation’s true cost of payroll against industry peers and similar employers.

Together, our focus and drive is raising the potential and true value of payroll in Australian organisations.

Tracy Angwin, CEO,
Australian Payroll Association

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