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72% of CEO’s say Leadership skills are very important to their organisations future.

72% say

The world is changing at a pace we have never seen before and with it the demands and expectations of those who lead in our organisations and communities are altering significantly. This new leadership context is shaped by increased complexity, multiple competing perspectives, rapid growth of new technology, relentless disruption, the increasing impression of social media and a marked shift towards more networked organisations.

PwCs signature leadership model

Leaders of the future will require the ability to dial up and dial down five signature attributes in concert with the environment and their community to be responsive, agile and effectively lead through complexity and ambiguity to drive enduring value.

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To be a leader of the future, leaders will require the ability to dial up and dial down five signature attributes. The Leadership of the Future model combines the critical elements of leadership required to lead differently in a complex world. These are:

Multiple perspectives

The ability to curiously consider a broad range of inputs, make sense of this information and give meaning to your organisation.

Psychological safety and challenge

Build trust and an environment of effective risk taking, lifelong learning and personal growth.

Intentional energy and action

Regulate energy of self and others, role-model resilience.

Emotional investment

Invest in igniting the passion and significance of self and others.

Courageous vulnerability

Suspend bias, explore possibilities and openly engage to create a culture of collaboration and innovation.

63% are concerned

How can we help?

We work with organisations, teams and individuals to understand what high-performance means in their specific context and identify how to develop and deploy the leadership attributes required for success in the present and the future.

Big trends impacting leaders and teams requiring them to ADAPT

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Our range of leadership development and advisory services

Leadership advisory and development infographic


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