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Adapt to Survive

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People Business
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Australian results

Adapt to Survive brings together the two most comprehensive sources of talent data in the world; the real-time behaviours drawn from LinkedIn's 277 million members and employer information from PwC's Saratoga database of people and performance metrics, which covers more than 2,600 employers across the globe.

43% of CEOs intend to increase their headcount over the next year.

72% of Australian CEOs are worried about the availability of key skills.

AUD$385m. A burden to Australia in unnecessary recruitment costs.

Key findings

1. Adaptability could unlock up to AU136bn in additional productivity.

2. The skills gap will narrow with increased adaptability.

3. Compromising on talent costs the Australian economy.

4. Visibility from online professional networks leads to better hiring.

The report analyses the ability of labour markets to adapt to evolving demands, including the willingness of employees to adapt their skills to available opportunities and the ability of employers to find talent with the right skills for their needs.

The result is a 'Talent Adaptability Score' for each of the 11 countries studied.

In the most adaptable markets, productivity is higher because people and jobs are better matched. The research calculates the productivity gains that are available to countries if their talent market becomes as adaptable as the Netherlands.

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