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Companies are looking for new opportunities for growth, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is one strategic card many are looking to play. The popularity of strategic alliances as a growth strategy has surged with almost two thirds (62%) of Australia’s CEOs plan to enter a new strategic alliance in the next 12 months.

Organisations need to understand that they don't just 'do deals'; rather, they're 'doing integrations' as well. Adopting an integration focus will help them achieve expected deal benefits, establish a streamlined and well-tethered business, and deliver on shareholder and customer expectations. All easy in theory, but executing it as such is no easy task.

Managing 'business as usual', while attempting to integrate the businesses involves complex planning and a team of people who are focused on - and able to deliver - the end goal.

Our capabilities

We've built a Merger Integration team dedicated to working with clients on managing their integration programmes. This team has worked on over 100 integration and divestiture programmes - some of the largest and most complex ever completed. Our team is one who:

  • works with organisations from deal inception through to delivery
  • has deep functional expertise (People, Communications and Change Management and Technology) who draw on best practice methodologies to make doing the deal a whole easier
  • has intimate knowledge of local and international markets, and industries.

What we bring

We work with you (not to you) to evaluate, design, plan and execute your integration strategy. We make sure the approach taken is insightful, objective, pragmatic and flexible, and that we support the entire organisation through the process from Board to payroll clerk.

We have built a specialist M&A Integration team who have experience on, and led over, 120 complex local and global integration and separation projects to help guide and counsel you.


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