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Infrastructure Advisory

Industry experience and data-driven insight to drive confidence in infrastructure outcomes.

We know that infrastructure is about more than just assets. It is also about how services are procured and delivered, digital offerings, and policy reform and programs that determine how that infrastructure is used by communities, customers and citizens.

That’s why we bring a deep understanding of your objectives and challenges to frame our advice to support the purpose and outcome you are aiming for.


Our advice enables you to make data-driven decisions based on economic, strategic and operational insight. We do so through our expertise in infrastructure strategy and planning, financial and commercial arrangements, legal, assurance, governance, service commissioning, and data and analytics.

PwC’s breadth and depth of Infrastructure Advisory experience and focus on purpose gives you the confidence in the outcomes that your project will achieve.

Best practice expertise and insight across every aspect of your infrastructure project

True integration is our biggest strength. We bring together a team with diverse backgrounds that allows you to benefit from working with a single trusted partner across the entire project life cycle. And we have the ability to call on the right PwC specialists from real estate, environment, sustainability, governance, program and project management, and more. 

We understand that infrastructure projects are about more than assets, so we put citizen experiences at the centre of every stage of your project. Our extensive expertise and insights mean that you can trust us with the toughest questions and most complex projects. We co-create solutions with you through unambiguous, auditable, and sustainable frameworks and processes.

Outcome-driven advice you can rely on

PwC’s Infrastructure Advisory team offers comprehensive strategic advice and insight to drive successful outcomes throughout your project life cycle, including:

Strategy, economics and analytics

We produce insights and applied analytics with a commercial mindset to create data-driven, evidence-based solutions to set the foundations for your project, provide commercial and outcome-led justification and add value across the project lifecycle.

  • Strategic planning, scoping and solution definition
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Feasibility and investment decision support
  • Business case development
  • Procurement, packaging and delivery strategy
  • Procurement and tender support and analysis
  • Data solutions and advanced analytics: data science, predictive AI/ML, robotic automation, simulation/optimisation, cloud platforms, spatial analysis, reporting and visualisation, digital twins
  • Analytics team capability development

Commercial, financial and legal

We set your project up for success from the outset, structuring your project financing, identifying procurement and tender opportunities, and boosting your outcomes from investment.

  • Procurement options assessment
  • Commercial, financial, legal and strategic advice
  • Tender process and strategy
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Preparing and negotiation of all project agreements
  • Post-financial close advice, refinancing and commercial negotiations
  • Delivery phase advice: contract interpretation and claims advice

Risk, assurance and governance

We help you identify, then proactively manage and mitigate the financial, reputational, regulatory, interface and process risks inherent in every infrastructure project from concept to design, governance establishment, procurement, delivery, and commissioning.

  • Risk and benefits identification, quantification and ongoing assurance
  • Regulatory compliance and contract compliance assurance
  • Lifecycle visibility and governance including project, program and portfolio delivery assurance
  • Digital risk modelling and forecasting
  • Portfolio, program and project governance including process optimisation and digitisation of governance frameworks
  • Cost, commercial and contract assurance reviews including contract establishment ongoing and close out auditing services 
  • Commercial and performance framework development and assurance mapping 
  • Automated payment claim checking and invoice processing 
  • Value for money assessments and contract value management services throughout the contract lifecycle 
  • Social procurement and industry development performance measurement indicators auditing

Service commissioning and delivery

We help your team navigate commissioning and service delivery reform to drive better outcomes across government, not-for-profit, and private sectors. 

  • Building commissioning capabilities and strategy
  • Public and private sector service delivery and collaboration agreements
  • Contracting, partnership agreement, and tendering support
  • Cost optimisation, project management, and operating model review
  • Impact assessment, outcome frameworks, and evaluations

Stakeholder & community engagement

We help you build trust with communities and stakeholders, identifying risks and recognising opportunities  to strengthen your social license to operate.

  • Social risk and community outrage management
  • Social benefit realisation
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
  • Communications strategy design and delivery
  • Sentiment analysis and community data research
  • Internal communications and engagement
  • Due diligence and strategic advice

A community of solvers building Australia’s future

Integrated Infrastructure delivers the end-to-end expertise to support Australia’s growth today, and tomorrow. As a diverse community of solvers, we combine industry experience and insight to drive confidence in infrastructure outcomes—solving for clients, and communities alike. It’s what we call, The New Equation.

To find out more about careers in Infrastructure Advisory or in the broader Integrated Infrastructure team, contact our Talent Acquisition Manager, Sarah Cullen.

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Kate Evans

Integrated Infrastructure Leader, PwC Australia

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Adrian Box

Partner, National Integrated Infrastructure Leader, PwC Australia

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Nicholas Tsirogiannis

Partner, Integrated Infrastructure, Infrastructure Advisory - Legal, PwC Australia

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Janice Lee

Partner, Integrated Infrastructure, Infrastructure Advisory - Strategy & Planning, PwC Australia

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Sarah Close

Partner, Integrated Infrastructure, Infrastructure Advisory - Economics, Policy & Business Cases, PwC Australia

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Partner, Integrated Infrastructure, Infrastructure Advisory - Strategic Transport Modelling, PwC Australia

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Alastair Pearson

Partner, Integrated Infrastructure, Infrastructure Advisory - Data & Analytics, PwC Australia

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Joe Short

Partner, Integrated Infrastructure, NSW Leader, Commissioning & Contestability Lead, PwC Australia

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Cameron Jaggers

Partner, Integrated Infrastructure, Infrastructure Advisory - Assurance, PwC Australia

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Stephanie Males

Partner, Integrated Infrastructure, ACT Leader, Canberra Managing Partner & Global Trade Lead, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 (2) 6271 3414

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