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Helping our clients to explore opportunities in the rapidly evolving space industry

The space industry is at the crossroads of significant governance, business and technological change. And it’s being challenged more than ever, across every market. In this rapidly evolving environment, the space industry is entering a period of transformation.

Our specialist team of space industry experts is equipped to work with government, education, business and community to explore opportunities in space and support sustained growth in the industry.

Picture of earth from space

Here at PwC, we are part of a global team of over 2,000 space industry experts focusing on the Aeronautics Space & Defence Sectors.

We are able to leverage our global space industry network in Europe, the US, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

How we can work with you

Drawing on the experience of space industry specialists from across our global network, we provide insights and experience to help you understand the powerful dynamics and opportunities for other sectors such as mining, energy, and agriculture. We’ll help you look into the future and answer the difficult questions, putting your business on the path to sustained success.

R&D and government incentives

Understand the relevant space industry government grants and incentives that may be available for your organisation.


Working with domestic, outbound and inbound businesses to raise capital and complete acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic alliances. We bring deep industry experience and international networks across the space industry to help you succeed across the deal lifecycle.


Helping organisations to work smarter and grow faster, assisting them to build more effective organisations, innovate their business model, reduce costs and manage risk and regulation through space industry specific consulting expertise and services.


Providing internal audit, external financial statement audit and risk assurance services specific to the space industry, including industry focused services such as risk and controls optimisation.

Indigenous Consulting

PwC’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC) is a majority Indigenous owned, led and staffed consulting organisation working with government and corporate Australia to power positive change for indigenous people, communities and businesses.


We advise across all stages of the infrastructure project life cycle. Our multi-disciplined teams help our clients develop flexible, innovative solutions that provide the foundation for a project’s successful delivery of large-scale public or private investments in infrastructure or space programs.


Through PwC's Business Align and Connect, we offer strategic advice to the best Australian high-growth tech ventures and provide opportunities to connect them with the firm’s global network.

Cyber security, AI and blockchain

Our cyber security experts can support public and private entities in assessing the cyber risks of on-ground and in-space infrastructures and systems. PwC's Responsible AI Toolkit is a suite of customisable frameworks, tools and processes designed to help you harness the power of AI in an ethical and responsible manner - from strategy through to execution. Our blockchain consultants can facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology for various use cases in the space sector. Our teams provide strategic support for identification and operational integration of applicable blockchain solutions.

People and organisation

Helping space industry clients to realise and discover the potential of their people by providing a single integrated people consulting and solutions service. We help clients to realise and discover the potential of their people, by providing a single integrated people consulting and solutions service, from payroll and immigration solutions through employment taxes and industrial relations advice to change management, HR technology, organisation design, remuneration and leadership and culture consulting - and all points in-between.


Combining the skills of financial and tax specialists with those of economists, lawyers and other in-house specialists, we help solve complex tax problems from the ideas stage through to execution. We can help you optimise your tax position, turning the tax function into a strategic business asset specific to the space industry.


Bringing you deep expertise in corporate and commercial law, delivered alongside leading experts in all the other disciplines we practice, our Legal team delivers innovative, commercially aware solutions to some of the most challenging business issues.

Our expertise covers the whole value chain in the space industry, with business, regulatory and high-level technical experience.

Our service providing end-to-end support in the space sector

We cover five key areas across the space industry


Unique ‘capabilities-driven strategy’ approach thanks to a 100-year legacy in strategy consulting, which focuses on market assessment, business modelling and go-to-market strategies in the space industry.

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Socioeconomic impact assessment

Strong expertise in impact assessment. We cover the whole spectrum of socioeconomic impact related to public investment in the space sector. We rely on commonly accepted methodologies to produce results that can be used to support the space industry in effective decision making and policy design.

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Governance and operations

Analysis of governance and organisational structure for companies, institutions and/or large programs and programmatic set-ups in the space industry.

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Data analytics

Using Big Data applied to the space industry, thanks to product and software development capabilities. We capitalise on our skilled space industry consultants and data scientists.

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Space industry regulatory analysis on the impact of existing and prospective regulations, assessment of regulatory requirements in the cycle market-regulation, survey of regulations at European and global level.

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Imelda Alexopoulos

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Luigi Scatteia

Luigi Scatteia

Partner, Space Practice Leader, PwC France

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Tom  Pennington

Tom Pennington

Director, PwC Australia, PwC Australia

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