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We’re PwC’s Incentives & Innovation team

Below is an overview of our incentives and innovation capabilities. We help organisations optimise incentives and outcomes, and build internal and external innovation capability.

PwC is a network of more than 6,000 people across Australia and 223,000 across the globe. Our dedicated Incentives & Innovation team work nationally to help you unlock benefits for your business.


We help you...

Better understand your organisations current incentives and innovation landscape, and how you can improve it.

Report on and improve the return on investment from your innovation activities.

Equip executive teams and leaders with an indepth understanding of incentives.

Leverage new ideas by collaborating with startups, universities, research and other organisations to pilot new ideas.

There is a rapid rate of change occurring across all industries due to factors such as disruptive technologies and globalisation. In order to achieve growth and maintain a competitive advantage, it’s important your organisation recognises the importance of developing leading innovation capability and optimising innovation performance.

Experiencing change just as rapidly is the research and development (R&D) landscape. Higher levels of review activity and scrutiny by governing bodies means businesses are now forced to focus less on the identification of R&D activity, and more on efficient assessment, processing and substantiation of R&D tax incentive claims.


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