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Upskilling for Shared Prosperity

A new report by PwC and the World Economic Forum urges leaders to take action on upskilling.

Even before COVID-19, the rise of automation and new technologies was transforming the world of work, resulting in the very urgent need for large-scale upskilling and reskilling. Now, this need has become even more important.

Our Upskilling for Shared Prosperity report, published in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, makes the case for upskilling and highlights some of the challenges including the disconnect between current education programmes, and the skills which employers need now and in the future. 

The report, underpinned by results from economic modelling conducted by PwC, sets out a new upskilling narrative that shows the advantages of nurturing aspirations and developing key skills that people will need throughout their lives to keep them resilient and adaptable to change.  

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