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Adapting to new ways of working after COVID-19

How will business leaders balance the successful transition of their people back to workplaces, while others continue to work from home in the next phase of COVID-19?

Consider issues such as:

  • Is remote working still working?

  • Returning to offices and business locations

  • Technological support for remote working

  • Employee health and wellbeing

  • Upskilling and redeployment of skills

  • Employment law in this emerging environment

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Rick Crethar

Rick Crethar

Chief Risk Officer, PwC Australia

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Cassandra Michie

Cassandra Michie

Partner, PwC Australia

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Simon Gillies

Simon Gillies

Partner, Management Consulting Leader, PwC Australia

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Stephen  Longley

Stephen Longley

Business Restructuring Services Leader, PwC Australia

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Sarah Butler

Sarah Butler

NSW Government and Global Health Services Leader, PwC Australia

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Tom Bowden

Tom Bowden

Partner, Government and Public Sector, PwC Australia

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