Project Spirit

Working together to help business get on with business through and beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way Australians live, work and consume products and services.

As our economy emerges from COVID-19, businesses need new ways to operate. 

PwC Australia, Salesforce and Google have joined forces to create Project Spirit, a free online marketplace that helps Australian businesses, big and small, come together to share capacity, skills and create opportunity. 

  • It’s a marketplace where businesses can browse and post specific offers or requests for assets, resources or expertise; and connect with other businesses. 
  • It’s a tools and resources hub to help people analyse their business and identify challenges and new opportunities
  • It has a curated library of inspiring stories from business owners who have successfully reinvented their business.

We’re backing Australian businesses, because if anything can work through this challenge, Australian business can.


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