Managing finance and liquidity in a volatile economic environment

As businesses prepare for the next wave of the pandemic and we adjust to a new normal, CFOs will be grappling with many questions. The Australian and global economic outlook will both have significant finance implications. Organisations will in particular have to focus on scenario planning as well as continuing to manage day to day operations and financial and regulatory reporting obligations. Key issues to consider include:

  • Scenario modelling and forecasting

  • Liquidity and working capital

  • Impairment

  • Financial reporting

  • Stimulus support (e.g. JobKeeper)

  • Debt and capital structuring

  • Productivity and cost reduction

  • Operational and tech risk

PwC's Impairment Smart Class

One of the consequences of the volatile capital markets brought on by COVID-19 is an increased risk of impairment to goodwill and non-current assets. To support finance teams in  year end reporting we’ve developed the Impairment Smart Class Access the resources in your own time and at your own pace. 

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