Obesity, health, and nutrition

The role your organisation can play

Exploring the social change and collective action required to address obesity

Obesity is a societal challenge which requires government, employers, academia, investors, the food industry, and the healthcare and social sectors to collaborate. The causes and effects of obesity are systemic and varied. All actors have a role to play and the potential to benefit from improved health outcomes, reduced environmental risks and workplace inclusion and productivity. 

For many organisations, addressing societal challenges such as climate change and discrimination is not just good for society. It’s also good for the bottom line. 

In this report we explore the ways in which organisations can play their part in addressing the societal challenge of obesity through their business strategy, employee engagement, investor practices, policies and more. Action on obesity builds on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices and reporting many organisations are already adopting. With the right interventions, this can deliver mutually reinforcing co-benefits of action on broader societal challenges.

PwC Australia, in collaboration with The Obesity Collective, share our report Obesity, health, and nutrition: the role your organisation can playsetting out the social change and collective action that is required to improve the adverse physical and mental health burden for people living with weight issues.

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Produced in collaboration with The Obesity Collective

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