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PwC's commentary on the Aged Care Royal Commission Interim Report

PwC's commentary on the Aged Care Royal Commission Interim Report

By Sarah Butler, Nathan Schlesinger, Cassandra Michie

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The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety on 16 September 2018. The Royal Commission was built on multiple reviews in this space over the last two decades including a Productivity Commission inquiry into aged care, the 2011 report of Caring for Older Australians, a 2017 review mandated by the Aged Care (Living Longer Living Better) Act 2013 and multiple other government and independent consultant pieces of work in this space.

The Aged Care Royal Commission Interim Report highlights that Australia has struggled to consistently provide quality aged care services to all and the problem is becoming more urgent.. This was summed up by the Commissioners describing the aged care system as “a shocking tale of neglect”. From reviewing the Interim Report and our broader work across the sectors (aged care, health and disability), we have provided a summary of the report’s findings across six areas and highlighted potential implications for system-wide reform and what individual stakeholders can start doing now to position for the future, emerge stronger and build trust.

  • The consumer experience is poor, particularly in relation to access to information and services
  • The quality of care is not consistently of an acceptable standard, including dealing with dementia, use of restraints and young people with disability or requiring palliative care in aged care
  • Workforce design needs to be reconfigured with the right size, skills, diversity, recognition and culture to meet the growing demands and complexity of aged care
  • Technology and innovation play a key part in enabling new models of care (including a shift to care in the home) and shaping the future of how aged care will be delivered
  • Business models need to evolve to ensure stakeholders are financially viable and can deliver the best consumer experience and quality of care, enabled by people and technology
  • The funding model needs to be reconfigured to support the broader changes required


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