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Digitising higher education

How rapid digitisation is changing university business models

With digitisation negating the need to be local in order to deliver education, Strategy&'s latest report explores whether the future of higher education is likely to be increasingly challenging for generalist institutions.

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COVID-19 has dramatically hastened the pace of digitisation of course delivery at universities. In just a few short months, COVID-19 forced universities to move to a model where course delivery is almost entirely online. However, while the pandemic has been the catalyst for adapting their business model, the forces underpinning the movement towards greater digitisation – so starkly revealed during COVID-19 – are not new. 

Higher education is not the first sector to have undergone such a dramatic challenge to its existing business model through rapid digitisation. In this report, we explore the digital transformation of the media & entertainment, retail and financial services industries to understand how their response to digitisation suggest profound change is also possible in higher education.

Read about the five factors determining change in higher education and a possible business model for universities in the future.

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