Helping governments meet changing community expectations

Governments face many complex issues. They are constantly challenged to deliver the services people need, in the most efficient way. We combine a deep understanding of regulatory and economic conditions with domestic and international expertise to work with governments to deliver innovative solutions.

Who we are

To every assignment, we bring independence, objectivity and a demonstrated ability to improve public sector performance.

We understand the problems governments face in the current economic climate. We are a trusted adviser to state and territory governments across Australia, while our federal practice offers a full range of professional services tailored specifically for the federal environment. 

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A range of competing forces are shaping government decision-making. Federal, State and Territory Governments must find answers to the most difficult problems and questions - from the impact of natural disasters to the future of early childhood education.

Some of the biggest questions faced by governments include:

  • How can we improve the quality of Australia’s education, transport, health and justice systems?
  • How can we fund and supply critical infrastructure?
  • What is the right balance between regulation and liberalisation?
  • How can we ensure contemporary technology is deployed efficiently, while protecting data privacy? 
  • How can we remain on top of cyber challenges?
  • How can we deliver better outcomes, using fewer resources?
  • What can we afford to delay or cut from the budget?

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PwC's 20th Annual CEO Survey

CEO lessons for government: How to do more with less

What can government leaders learn from their business counterparts, and vice versa What should public sector leaders be focusing on to ensure their organisations keep improving and delivering, now and into the future?

We've analysed our annual CEO Survey and found three major considerations for government: 

  • Ensuring delivery is addressing citizen needs 
  • Re-thinking the HR function 
  • A holistic view of cyber-security

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Tony Peake
Partner, Government & Public Sector Leader; STEM Leader, PwC Australia
Tel: +61 3 8603 6248

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