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The PwC global mobility experience

We've been helping multinational organisations manage the complex tax, planning, administrative, and strategic aspects of deploying an international workforce for over 30 years. Our global practice includes more than 4,200 dedicated, full-time International Assignments professionals who are located in 188 cities in over 90 countries and territories around the world.

50% more mobile employees by 2020

Modern Mobility - meeting the challenge of rapid talent deployment in a globally connected world


Modern mobility – redesigning your mobility experience

Mobility strategies for the next decade will need to be sophisticated, agile and adaptable to deal with growing deployment demands, but tax and immigration requirements often stand in the way, producing complex and perplexing challenges. Leading businesses know they need to closely align mobility strategies to business plans and wider Talent management strategies.

Mobility opportunities are key to attracting, developing and retaining talent - but diverse preferences and expectations all need careful management.

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Managing risk and compliance

Understanding and managing the tax and compliance risks inherent in global talent deployments.

Technology and efficiency

Putting the right people in the right locations, at the right times in a cost effective and efficient way.

Deploying talent strategically

In an evolving global market, how do you deploy your best talent for future business success?

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