Governance and compliance services

The platform provides multiple KYC, AML, sanctions, and reporting tools to aid regulatory compliance. These can include user monitoring, data visualisation, and business intelligence capabilities that enable deep dives into user behavior

Business intelligence and analytics

  • The platform can provide business intelligence and analytics capabilities for insight into operational efficiencies, commercial behaviour and market data
  • Can enable monitoring of financial and non-financial assets, records etc.
  • Event monitoring on state change and workflow tracking
  • Bespoke reporting

Risk management and reporting

  • The platform can be tailored to our clients risk parameters, appetite and frameworks to embed controls and aid customer-specific governance and reporting requirements
  • Your specific risk and operational reporting needs can be supported by the platform

Regulatory compliance

  • PwC's Digial asset services platform supports its participating clients in meeting their respective compliance responsibilities (e.g. KYC, AML)
  • Generic regulatory and compliance requirements have been built into the platform base solution
  • Subject to location, further compliance and reporting functionality can be built by jurisdiction

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