Digital currency services

PwC's Digital asset services is a multi-purpose platform that has capability to offer conditions-based loyalty rewards, programmable 'smart money' via a compliant, secure, peer-to-peer asset exchange.

SmartMoney and payments

  • Real-time, cost-effective and cross-border payments
  • Digital currency can be programmed to move value between parties under predetermined conditions.  These payments can be auto-enabled and controlled, based on supply chain workflows and pre-programmed triggers, known as SmartMoney
  • Digital versions of state-backed currency can be created to gain government-level benefit from the features of SmartMoney

Digital asset exchange

  • A blockchain-based platform where new digital tokens that represent real world financial assets can be created, securely stored, sent and transacted
  • Depending on location, the platform provides regulatory compliance capabilites to digital currency investment enabling customers to buy, sell, hold and trade digital currencies in one seamless user experience
  • Can support exchange between all types of digital currency on the PwC's Digital asset services platform

Rewards and loyalty

  • Our multi-asset blockchain can enable a next generation rewards platform for issuing loyalty rewards as digital currency
  • Rewards customers will be able to buy, sell, trade points, be notified of new deals or exchange rewards for cash or goods at participating retailers

PwC's blockchain solutions: From strategy through execution

PwC's Digital asset services can support your journey to realise blockchain enabled digital currencies from strategy through to exectuion.

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