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PwC's Digital asset services allows fast and compliant transactions. It can link digital identity, privacy, digital wallet, and payments infrastructure so that providers, merchants, and consumers can access digital and fiat currency.


  • The mobile wallet can be tailored to hold multiple digital currencies allowing fast and secure transactions within a trusted ecosystem, whilst ensuring security and regulatory compliance
  • Only known ‘good actors’ can operate within PwC's Digital asset services trusted ecosystem


  • All wallet users must be formally identified and in most cases depending on your location, can be assessed for KYC/AML and sanction checks
  • Each wallet contains an encrypted digital representation of its owner’s on-boarding credentials that can be used elsewhere to verify the user’s identity in place of the physical versions
  • In the future, customer identity credentials can be biometrically linked to their owner


  • The platform will offer merchant payments services for wallet holders within the trusted ecosystem
  • The reporting capabilities can include suspicious transactions and other anti-fraud controls to detect, prevent and report on all digital currency transactions
  • The platform can provide a multi-asset platform where users can be granted loyalty points for spending at participating retailers or spend points earned via rewards programs in lieu of cash or credit

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