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PwC's digital asset services

Powering the future of financial services


Digital currencies powered by blockchain technology are fundamentally changing the way consumers, banks and businesses interact.

PwC's digital asset services is a next generation platform, fusing financial and commercial services by using ground-breaking developments in digital currency technology. A single platform that connects your identity, money and assets, enabling users to spend, share, trade or track any physical or digital asset cheaply and quickly, no matter where you are.

All services can be tailored to support your legal, compliance and regulatory risk management and reporting requirements, providing corporate risk officers’ transparency and comfort.

The platform can enable a trusted ecosystem to transact digital assets and currencies across a range of services including digital wallets, international payments, POS/merchant services, rewards programs, native digital currencies and crypto investment and trading.

Client services

PwC's digital asset services allows fast and compliant transactions. It can link digital identity, privacy, digital wallet, and payments infrastructure so that providers, merchants, and consumers can access digital and fiat currency.

Digital currency services

PwC's digital asset services is a multi-purpose platform that has capability to offer conditions-based loyalty rewards, programmable 'smart money' via a compliant, secure, peer-to-peer asset exchange.

Governance and compliance

The platform provides multiple KYC, AML, sanctions, and reporting tools to aid regulatory compliance. These can include user monitoring, data visualisation, and business intelligence capabilities that enable deep dives into user behavior.

Our platform:


Business solutions are delivered to the customer via mobile and web applications to create a single, streamlined user experience which can be branded to meet client-specific requirements.


Digital currencies transactions are executed using a distributed ledger which creates an immutable, auditable record of all transactions that take place.

The ID verification service supports user authentication and validation against government sources to create an online identity that can then be biometrically linked to the customer through the onboarding process.

Customers are required to log on to their digital wallet via a secure digital credential, verified against PwC's digital asset online identity service. The identity service uses proven encryption key technology to manage and restore security credentials as required.

PwC's Digital asset services platform includes an analytics and reporting capability can be configured to meet jurisdictional requirements and enable PwC's digital asset services and its participating clients to meet their respective compliance responsibilities.

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