Vocational education and training (VET)

The world of work is changing. Fast.

Advances in technology, global competition and economic disruption are transforming Australia’s employment landscape. In all sectors, the jobs we do, and how we do them are evolving faster than ever before. 

A skilled workforce is essential to Australia’s continued global competitiveness and economic prosperity, which is why PwC is working together with government and industry to give people the best possible chance of obtaining meaningful employment, now and in the future.

We specialise in VET reform – driving employer engagement in determining how the workforce should be skilled and developing new pathways into professions, particularly at higher levels. Our initiatives aim to:

  • Enable the individual to effectively manage their careers throughout their lives
  • Improve the provision of skills in the economy to improve productivity
  • Contribute to the delivery of quality, accessible training

A crucial part of this is to put employers at the heart of skills development. PwC’s Skills team works directly with industry, listening to their needs and enabling ongoing dialogue to accurately identify current and emerging trends in the global and domestic economy, and understand how they impact on what skills are delivered and the way in which they are delivered.

Individuals must also be encouraged to appreciate the value of obtaining these skills. VET provides flexible and relevant entry paths into long and rewarding careers, so it’s important for individuals to be confident that taking a particular training program will be valued by employers and lead to a job, or a better job. Similarly, employers must have confidence that learning and training prepares individuals for the world of work where they will be working collaboratively, using technology, and performing multiple skills at the same time. This way, employers become champions of the vocational route and learners and influencers value it more.

The PwC Skills team brings together expertise from all aspects of the education and training sector. We have worked extensively with both government and industry, domestically and internationally across a number of high-profile large scale initiatives.

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