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Get early access to our ‘job ready’ mature age talent

The future of work is here - and more older Australians than ever are currently looking for work

The future of work is upon us, challenging organisations to do more to attract, keep and motivate the people they need. In a global survey of CEOs, availability of skilled talent was cited as one of the top three threats challenging the future growth of their organisation. Yet long term unemployment is on the rise for older Australians, many of whom have the skills, experience or attributes that employers need in their workforce. Over the past 5 years, the number of older Australians looking for work for over a year has increased by 50%. And if nothing changes, 3 out of 4 long term job seekers are expected to still be on welfare in 10 years’ time - at an expected lifetime cost to the Australian Government of $4.8 trillion.

We need a better system of career support for older Australians - so that they can find sustainable work and change the cycle of long term welfare dependence.

There are clear benefits to hiring older workers

For many organisations, older workers represent a relatively untapped talent pool. There are significant productivity and performance payoffs associated with an older workforce, including:

  • Older workers are dedicated, keen and more reliable than their younger colleagues -- contributing an extra $1,956 per worker per year
  • Older workers are more resilient, make fewer mistakes, are more reliable, and have higher productivity than their younger colleagues -- and also have a strong positive influence on team morale.
  • Older workers represent a growing sector of the population, with experience and knowledge that can help diversify thinking and inject new perspectives into the workplace
  • From a social impact perspective, hiring older workers makes good business sense -- and can offer businesses a strategic advantage of having a workforce that better reflects the customers and communities it serves

PwC’s Career Skills for New Jobs Pilot presents a unique opportunity for businesses to access a pipeline of experienced and job ready talent

Employers in Sydney have a unique opportunity to gain early access to our job ready mature age talent pool. PwC is looking for willing and interested employers so that we can have a conversation about open and upcoming employment opportunities in your business.

Skills, employment and career aspirations

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your business needs and workforce requirements - and to access a skills profile of participants who match your needs

Recruitment and hiring can take place at any time for our participants, with the optimal period being from November 2019 through to June 2020. PwC can also support eligible employers to access the Restart wage subsidy. Contact our team today to start a conversation about your business needs and participants who match your workforce requirements.

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