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Career Skills for New Jobs

Helping older Australians build new skills and confidence to re-enter and stay in the workforce

The future of work is here … yet many employers are struggling to find, attract and retain the people they need for their future workforce. In a survey of CEOs around the globe, 35% cited availability of skilled talent in their top three threats challenging the future growth of their organisation. Australia’s population is also ageing - we are living longer than ever before, yet a growing number of older Australians are being squeezed out of the workforce.

These older Australians are staying unemployed for longer, putting them at risk of long term welfare dependence. We need a better system of career support so that older Australians - many of whom have the skills and experience that employers are demanding - can find sustainable work and change the cycle of long term welfare dependence.

Career Skills for New Jobs Pilot

PwC Australia has been engaged by the Australian Government to lead an innovative trial, one that we have designed, called ‘Career Skills for New Jobs Pilot’. Funded by the Department of Social Services’ Try, Test and Learn Fund, the pilot tests a new and different approach to help older Australians currently on welfare support to find meaningful, sustainable employment. The pilot aims to support 250 people aged 50+ in south western Sydney to build new skills, resilience and confidence -- so that they can self-manage their careers, re-enter the workforce, and ultimately reduce their risk of long term welfare dependence. 

The Career Skills for New Jobs pilot provides practical, accessible ways to boost the employment prospects of older Australians in south-western Sydney. 

Desired outcomes from the pilot include:

  • Sustainable employment
  • Build new skills, including career management skills
  • Increased self confidence and ‘readiness’ for work
  • Increased resilience
  • Reduced barriers to employment

Support is being delivered in two intakes, starting from 30 September 2019 and from 11 November 2019. The final pilot evaluation is due to be submitted to the Department of Social Services in July 2020. 

Supported by the Try, Test and Learn Fund – an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

Interested in taking part in the pilot as an individual participant?

The pilot will accept 250 older job seekers (aged 50+) currently on Newstart Allowance and living in Western Sydney. Support is being delivered to two intakes, starting from 30 September 2019 and from 11 November 2019.

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Interested in knowing more or staying up to date with the pilot and our progress?

Local employers, training providers, community organisations, and other interest groups have a unique opportunity to support this pilot.

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