Operating Model Development

A Future Operating Model for Defence

What is an Operating Model?

“Operating model” is a term that is widely used and has a variety of interpretations.

For PwC, an operating model is the representation of how an enterprise uses its customer offering, business capabilities and corporate structure to deliver value in accordance with its organisational strategy. An operating model is unique to an organisation.

An operating model is comprised of key operating components, the interactions amongst those components and the associated performance metrics.  It should be consistent with the strategic intent of government and the senior leadership.

Applying an Operating Model concept to Defence requires a deep understanding of the organisation’s objectives, complexity and interactions with government, industry and other stakeholders

We can work with Defence at all levels in the organisation, to develop appropriate operating models - from directorates through to entire Groups.

We can help to ensure that processes, people, organisation, systems and information are all aligned within the organisation to interactively deliver the desired outcomes.

Our experienced team of professionals draws on significant experience within the Defence environment and other industries. We partner with Defence clients to provide an end-to-end solution encompassing target operating model design, through to piloting and implementation of the future state. 

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