Engineering & logistics

Getting the most out of Defence investments

Our extensive knowledge and industry expertise in engineering, logistics and  supply chain management places us in a strong position to help Defence optimise operational performance of their assets and the cost-effectiveness of logistics and supply chain arrangements supporting these assets.


We can support Defence in defining and assessing options for future assets and optimising the performance of legacy and ageing assets.

We can:

  • undertake engineering modelling and analysis to define needs and requirements in Operational Concept Documents, Function and Performance Specifications and Test Concept Documents 
  • provide technical assurance for proposed engineering designs
  • perform commercial and technical audits of implemented engineering designs
  • support asset lifecycle management with subject matter experts in areas such as maintenance optimisation
  • establish, lead and manage systems engineering programs and support specialty engineering programs (e.g. Reliability, Safety Human Systems Integration etc.).

Logistics and supply chain management

We can support Defence in defining and implementing their logistics requirements, supply chain arrangements and plans for future assets, and optimising in-service logistics and supply chain arrangements. We can do this by:

  • defining, designing and implementing logistics support and supply chain arrangements during the acquisition of new assets
  • reducing risks due to capability and technology obsolescence
  • advising whether clients are carrying the right spares and at the right locations to support the maintenance of critical assets
  • providing a range of world-class tools for global spares management
  • providing asset valuations and manage asset disposals
  • helping identify serviceability and storage requirements for stock
  • reviewing current contracts and expenditure to identify improvements in cost and lead time
  • improving internal procurement processes to minimise wasted effort and cost
  • implementing component repair management technical and commercial solutions.

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