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Australian Defence is dependent on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for the interconnection of their core operations and services. ICT is a critical business enabler for collaboration, information governance and innovation. ICT is used today to perform mission-critical tasks, such as operation of military equipment and management of telecommunication infrastructure, to secure information communication across the Australian Defence and enable the exchange of intelligence with other defence departments around the globe.

However, this dependence on ICT exposes Australian Defence to a highly sophisticated and ever-evolving cyber threat environment. Whether supporting troops deployed overseas in warfighting roles, or ‘business as usual’ operations back home in Australia - without trusted and reliable ICT, Australian Defence could not meet its core mission of defending Australia and its national interests.

Today’s ‘cyber threat’ landscape has evolved from informal groups of individual hackers to highly organised groups such as state-sponsored groups, and advanced criminal syndicates. PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS)1 2016 indicated that the Federal Government employee is the most cited source of incident, and highlighted a significant increase in incidents from foreign nation-state and terrorists.

Sources of Incidents

Sources of Incidents

GSISS 2016, indicated that Federal Government experienced an increased number of security incidents. These incidents involved mobile devices and the compromise of intellectual property.

Increased number of security incidents

The same study also indicated that the estimated financial loss due to incidents have increased for Federal Government by 27% over the last year.

We have developed broad and deep capabilities across the full spectrum of cyber security to assist government agencies safeguard their assets in today’s high risk environment. Our service offerings enable our clients to effectively manage evolving threats and uplift the security capabilities required to address cyber risks:

manage evolving threats

Our team comprises of highly qualified and skilled cyber security professionals, with a diverse range of experience required to help government agencies to address the challenges in managing cyber risk. Our team has provided subject matter expertise to Australia’s most sensitive federal and state government agencies.

1 PwC’s Global State of Information Security® Survey (GSISS) 2016, which is a worldwide study of PwC. The survey results are based on responses of more than 10,000 CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CISOs, CSOs, VPs, and directors of IT and security practices from more than 127 countries.

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