Capability improvement & cost reduction

‘…took the analysis and generated insights… in a simple but elegant fashion'

As the only top-tier consulting firm with the capability and experience to deliver solutions from strategy through to execution, we can provide our Defence clients with a one-stop service.  

We have repeatedly proven our ability to work with clients to deliver realistic capability improvement and cost reduction options including for operating model design, and transformational programs for existing capabilities.  

Capability improvement

We are able to assist Defence clients to develop a thorough understanding of the baseline, including from incomplete and complex data sources via this one-stop service.

We offer:

  • development and rapid testing of realistic hypotheses
  • illustration of options for consideration
  • implementation planning
  • support with execution and change management.

Cost reduction

We offer:

  • baseline development and analysis
  • hypothesis generation and testing
  • collation and presentation of options for client consideration
  • support with execution and change management.

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