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Agile Defence

Sustainable Cost Reduction on the Path to Greater Agility

Agile defence: Sustainable cost reduction on the path to greater agility

Throughout history, great powers have been challenged to balance strategies and capabilities against available  resources. From the Roman Empire to today, nations have felt the tug of resource limitations as they have sought to fashion comprehensive security strategies.


As General John R. Allen, USMC (Ret) points out in his Foreword: it's not how much you have to spend, it's how well you spend it.

Agile Defence addresses the vital questions facing military organisations around the world - how to remain agile in force posture while maintaining the necessary levels of support within a tightening fiscal environment.

There is no doubt that there are differences in the challenges being faced by other defence forces versus those faced in Australia presently, however there are many more similarities than differences in the obstacles that must be overcome and the way in which they can be tackled.

This paper sets out some of these significant challenges within the context of maintaining Agility (having key threads of Visibility, Velocity, Adaptability, Collaboration, and Innovation) in the face of budgetary pressure.

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