Community Engagement

We'll stay informed on the megatrends and the big issues relevant to our market and society and actively contribute to change.

The megatrends and the collisions between them are disrupting the economy, business and society as a whole. We support our people to take a big picture view and to stay informed on the trends shaping the future. Find out more.

More than that, we encourage our people to be actively part of creating positive change through three core community engagement programs:

PwC Volunteering

PwC Volunteering provides not-for-profit, social enterprise and community organisations a simple and easy way to tap into the diverse skill sets and passions of our people. Each of our people receives 7.5 hours volunteering leave each year - or up to 15 hours when utilising their their skills. Within these parameters eligible organisations can request support on anything from micro-projects that can be completed on-line, to projects completed by our people on the ground. We are also proud to be hosting PwC Workshops - free learning and development workshops led by PwC staff and held in major cities around the country.

If you would like to request a volunteering opportunity or sign up to a PwC workshop jump onto the PwC Volunteering platform and get started now!

PwC OnBoard

PwC OnBoard is a program supporting our people to connect to the not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors through seeking Board or Advisory positions. Our Partners and staff are actively encouraged to participate and supported to seek opportunities in organisations in which they are passionate.

If you are a charity or social enterprise with a Board or Advisory role you are seeking to fill we’d love to hear from you. Please email Jane Edwards in the first instance and our team will be in touch to discuss your needs and how we can help.

PwC Giving

PwC Giving is our open-choice workplace giving program that gives our people the freedom to support the causes they are passionate about. Through the Good2Give platform, our people can easily donate to any Australian charity with DGR status. The firm matches these contributions in order to increase the financial support to these charities. If your charity is registered with Good2Give, our people have the option to donate to your organisation. If you wish to register with Good2Give, please contact them directly via their website.

The PwC Foundation Trust is a Private Ancillary Fund through which funds are collected from various internal sources and redistributed in accordance with the Trust Deed. These funds are distributed to organisations that PwC works with to catalyse change in STEM education.

We do not provide grants or ad hoc funds to organisations outside this focus area.

Each year we also undertake a significant number of capacity building engagements, enabling access to our services by not-for-profit organisations at significantly reduced cost. Our capacity building program is directed towards catalysing change in STEM education.

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